How does it work


After this extension has been added to your Chrome browser, you can click on the extension's action icon to open the action window and perform an on-target search for video files. Apply all the filters that you need to make your search more efficient and accurate.

To search from your browser's address bar, simply type the name of the video you want to search, add a "+" to activate the quick commands, type the name of the filters you want to apply that are recommended in the autocomplete suggestions, click on the autocomplete suggestions with your customized filters to go to the search result page.


A variety of video sources

Our video search results are generated from a variety of the world's most popularly used video streaming sites.


Rich customization

Select your favourite search engine as the default option. Configure your video search filter inside the Settings to make your future search much faster and more convenient.


Easy Video Finder is an advanced video search tool that enables you to set multiple filters for video search directly from your address bar. You can also configure your video search filters inside the extension. We help you save time and get to the video file you need fast and on-target.

It's straightforward and easy, dedicated to savvy video hunters. Average users search for video files in search engines, and it takes them a few clicks to get to the result by tuning the filters a couple of times. We provide an easy and fast way to set the filters prior to your video search directly from the address bar and cut all the steps.

Yes, it's free. Pretty cool.

Our Support Team is always here to answer your inquiries. Please send us an email on the Contact page.

In order to provide the quick search commands from your address bar and provide multiple filters from the autocomplete area, we need to use our private search domain as a placeholder too change your default search engine. Inside this extension, we also support other major search engines. You are more than welcome to switch in the Settings.